Is unreal engine a good engine for adventure games?

i want to make a adventure game like legend of zelda. Is unreal engine a good choice?

2D LoZ or 3D? For 2D, I will get contradictions, but no. Unreal 4 is horrible for complex 2D. For 3D, it would work pretty well. Do you plan to have it on the phone, if so, again, no. Unreal is still a pretty large compile for phone compared to engines like Game Maker and Unity.

For the most part you can make any game with Unreal 4 though.

I want to make a 3D Adventrue Game Like Ocarina Of Time or Twilight Princess. For PC.

I want to make a 3d adventrue game like ocarina of time or twilight princess for pc

Then it would be fine, but asking this sort of question does probably mean you need to practice with several engines and become verse in game design. Each engine has advantages and disadvantages. You need to practice until you can break down the task and compare it to the engine you are choosing. Zelda games are hard. I mean, really hard. I am not trying to discourage you, just don’t be shy to try making a Tetris game first.