is unreal engine 5 still in early acces?

is unreal engine 5 still in early acces?

No, it is available since somewhere in April. See the announcement.

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UE5 is already out of early access! You can download 5.0.3 directly from the launcher. It is definitely worth checking out.


and also should i use unreal engine 5 or 4 ?im asking this cuz i saw on google that ue5 has more gb than ue4

Hey @kukin_hack,

That really depends on you and what your computer can handle. You can run UE5 without Lumen which is less resource hungry. I suggest trying both out seeing which one works best for your needs! Here are the minimum requirements for UE5:

I hope the above helps guide your decision!

my pc can handle realistic graphic im just asking this cuz unreal engine 5 has more gb than unreal engine 4 and i dont wanna install big files but also i saw that most of the popular games are made in ue4 like poppy playtime and brickrigs

Hey @kukin_hack,

There is only a 14 gig difference between the two version installs (44 → 58gigs), so the storage required is almost negligible when comparing the two. What will really add up are the assets you add to your project (meshes, materials, etc.)

If you are worried about space, assets should be a bigger concern than your engine itself, as they will be the major players regardless of you choosing 4.27 or 5.0. As a note, more realistic graphics/textures/meshes almost always equal more storage and memory used.

I hope the above helps you make an informed decision!

wait so unreal engine 4 has 44 gigs and unreal engine 5 has 58? Cuz when i searched it on google it said that unreal engine 4 has 10 gigs but i guess i shouldn’t believe everything thats on internet and thanks for the reply