Is Unreal Engine 4 Media Kit Available Yet or any Progress?

I made this post March 21st, 2014:

And nobody has sent an updated message back to me about it and it’s already June 30th, 2014 so I’m wondering on the status of this.

I want to begin updating my website graphics soon to better reflect my work and have the proper logo’s up there to show which engine I’ve chosen to use and stick with through the development process, as well as to reflect current and future work.

I could probably do a custom logo if need be or with permission use existing black and white one, but the media kit with termed and trademarked guidlines is something supposed to be worked on and I’d follow.

Hi, we’re sorry it took so long to get a resolution on this. I’ve updated the thread linked above, and just to be safe, you can find our TM license, logos and style guides here:

Thank you Dana, it’s actually perfect timing as today I’m updating my website. I understand everyone’s been so busy with all the changes. This entire experience with Unreal Engine’s changes and all the current 3rd party tools has been an experience for all of us I think.