Is Unreal Engine 4 got own material package?

Hi everyone, I’m new here, and I’m also a newbie in game engine likes CryEngine or UnrealEngine, so if I said something stupid, please don’t be offended.
I’m wondering is Unreal Engine got its own material? I don’t need a high detailed model, just simple model and it will be nice, or I have to create my own 3D model to build up my level?
It’s because I’m not a professional 3Dartist, I can’t do anything without “ready-made” resource.
Here is my DA page, for understanding what I’m trying to say.


I only have skill of “build up” something, and set the light up.
For example, it’s likes I can play my LEGO, but I don’t have plastic printer, so if I want something new and I don’t have any LEGO parts to reach my claim, then I can’t do anything.
Thank you for reading my message!
I hope you have a nice day.

Hello JCJChicken,

Welcome to the community and to the world of Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine features a very powerful material editor. Material Editor helps you create advanced shaders including animations (via panners and rotators) that you can use in Geometry and Post-Process.

To read more about Material Editor, click here.
To read more about Material Editor UI, click here.
Post Process Material
Essential Material Concepts

Read more about Material Expression Types

Basic Material Example
Post Process Material Example

Yep, you can just use the assets from all the examples -> they include materials, meshes, particles, skeletal meshes,… but you can also download more stuff from a site like turboquid, blendswap (but there you have to import the models -> so not ready to use)

I guess he is talking about a standard material library… At this case, no.
I’m working on my own standard library though, as practice to master that Material editor thingy.

I’m sad to hear that.
But I can let myself to learn about modeling software, likes ZBrush, or just looking for great partner lol

The starter content comes with a pretty good collection of materials, and it can be added to any project at creation.

I’m confused right now , haha.
So, actually UE4 have a basic materials after all?

At the moment there are just the ones from the examples -> shooter template,…

If you read the context of what he is saying rather than getting tripped up by his choice of words then it becomes clear that by “Materials” he is referring to content like 3D models, etc

@JCJCicken The answer to that is “yes, sort of”. For now UE4 does come with some basic models, sounds, materials (used to describe what a 3D object’s surface looks like) and other content which can be downloaded from the Marketplace for free in the form of example projects, as @ mentioned.

Sometime in the future the Marketplace will be opened up to other users to post content of their own for others to buy and use. The UE4 Marketplace will become like the Unity Asset Store at that time. However, if you are looking for content specific to your needs then you might want to find a partner with the required skills to help you out as what goes up on the Marketplace is likely to be a little generic.

When you are talking about models, then you can also download some from turboquid, blendswap,…


I’m sorry about my bad choosing of words, and thank you for help explain my thought rather than judge my words, it’s really nice to me.
And I’m glad that I can find many model around Internet, if you also have those free model, please let me know that. Thank you very much.