Is Unreal Engine 4 deprecated?

I have two question:

  1. Is it wrong to use UE4 instead of UE5 in 2023?

  2. Can I use UE4 settings while using UE5? (meaning have UE4 functionality with a UE5 user interface?)


  1. It’s absolutely fine to use 4. But it will never be updated, so what you see it what you get, bugs ‘n’ all. 4 is still available for download.

  2. UE4 and UE5 are not the same thing. The way a lot of things work is very different. Something you can do is turn off all the main UE5 features ( Lumen, Virtual shadow maps, Nanite, stick with SM5 etc ), which sort of gives you a 4 level of performance, with a 5 interface.



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No its not and who cares for Lumen nanite fancy stuffs unless and until you are developing AAA game. Don’t forget so many big games were made in Unreal 4.