Is Unreal Easy To Learn?

So, i have a really good idea for a game which i have designed the layout for in PS and planned out how i will have the game run, it’s a simple hide and seek aspect, but it works with AI searching for the player, i know the Radiant Engine like the back of my hand, but i am completely new to UE, i’ve got an account on lynda from my college course and doing Games Development at college in UE4, how easy is UE4 to become second nature to?

Thanks :slight_smile:

How easy? Very.

Its actually very easy depending on your programming skills. I found UE4 C++ somewhat frustrating to use in the beginning but as you do more and more with it, you know all the tricks and pitfalls :smiley:

Unreal is easy to learn if you have previous development experiences.


Em, have to sort of disagree with some of the other comments above. I don’t think UE4 is easy.
But maybe that’s just my limitations talking here… However, I’m sure UDK / Unity felt a lot easier.
Maybe UE4 is easy to pickup and difficult to master, or is it hard to pickup and easy to master?
Anyway, it can be a tricky son-of-a-b*tch that eats all your time and takes many years to excel at. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, you could spend your entire life just exploring the Material and Particle editors and never leave…
Or spend your best days combating Physics-Rewind, Replication and Networking and never see the sun.
That’s game dev! Its unrelenting to the extreme. Is there any other art-form that requires such dedication? :smiley:

I agree.

The basics in Unreal is easy to learn but it takes a lot of time to master just some of the aspects and I don’t know anyone who master all aspects.

I will say that everything will look easy to you after Unreal Engine.