Is Unreal considered "Bad" For mobile in compression to unity?

I was looking around the web about which engine is better for Mobile Dev, And it seems like that even in this forum, there is lot of people who are claiming that overall UE4 is Better than unity but when it comes to mobile games - Unity is “better”.
People even said here that they don’t understand why anyone would make mobile game in Unreal.
So, What’s the reason for that? And in 2017, Is it still relevant or Unreal is “Good” For mobile nowadays?

I havent done any mobile development yet, but what I hear is this - This is what I have heard, so please take it with a grain of salt:

UE4 requires higher system specs compared to Unity
The UE4 APK file is bigger than Unity comparing the same type of game
Paper 2D (UE4 2d toolset) is not as developed as Unity’s toolset

UE4 mobile games tend to have better battery life
UE4 games tend to have better fidelity / performance if you are going for high graphics

At the end of the day it will depend on the type of game you want to make. I believe if you are trying to make simple 2D game for Mobile, Unity is currently better. If you are trying for a high graphics / fidelity game, then UE4 may be better / more performant.

Hopefully others with experience can chime in

There are lot of sdks with support for Unity.

But still most of them don’t support UE4. Well to be honest for android i can think lot of reasons…

That being said the game apk might be bigger and require in general higher specs.

But if you don’t mind that i prefer the Unreal Engine editor, much more than Unity’s, the material editor is a big plus for me too, and blueprints can make simple arcade games you see in mobile stores in few hours/days, (depending how polish you want the art ), much faster than Unity. Especially for beginners.

Of course to be fair i spend lot of time to prepare plugins for my mobile games, to add functionality you see in many mobile games. As i said you have almost everything already working for Unity.

“People even said here that they don’t understand why anyone would make mobile game in Unreal.”

Don’t listen to things like this, remind me fanboys in gaming forums.

Just spend some time with both engines and see what you like more.

Unity is lighter on performance, but for many of the things you’ll want to do you will have to buy things from their asset store, since Unity is missing big components or the ones it has are not adequate.

I would tend to judge engines on a per-project basis since there are so many variables. Personal preference for editor tools, programming languages etc matters as well and can be the difference maker which is fair enough too. And yes, as people are pointing out with various specifics, mobile in particular has a number of factors that may not fall in UE4’s favour but there are still some mobile projects where it is the best choice.

i tried unity dev 3 years and ue4 dev 2years. in my opinion

ue4 is very bad for mobile game dev.

seems ue4 has better performance but no.

the fps is really low and device temperature get higher when you try render “good graphic”

but if we should render lighten for performance in mobile why we should use ue4?

its not make sense

and the most of material function and postprocess not works on android es3

there is no advantage.

+ue4 packaging is really slow and apk is really big

and the compile. make dev speed lower