Is Unity good for 3d games?

I am looking to try to build a 3d game with the help of unity. So is it good or I can go with the unreal engine to make a game?

mmmh if your game is a simple game, go for unity and needs performance, if it is a huge game go for unreal.

I have tried Unity and UE4, all the engines have their pros and crons, all these engines have been used to create great games. I think is most for your personal preference. What I liked more from unity is the assets import, it has support for a HUGE list of 3d files format. Unreal Engine 4 is the industry top, as you can see, the marjority of AAA games which are not made by the studio’s internal engine, it is made in UE4.

Like I said, it comes down to personal preference. UE4 has blueprints out of the box, however Unity also have a plugin to allow visually programming your game. UE4 has a very good assets store, however unity has one of the biggest assets store out there.

Be sure that anything you can do in UE4 you can do in Unity. I think you need to try both engines and decide which one you want to use.

I personally stick with UDK, because I began my game development with modding tools (source engine, half life 2, counter strike), then I went to Unreal Tournament 3, and from there I went to UDK. So I have many years using Unreal Engine 3, and I don’t think now is the right moment for me to change engine, neither UE4 nor Unity.

Another reason that I want to stick with UDK for a while is the final user specs. Being a DX9 app, UDK Games runs fine on any low end pc of nowadays, so I think that games created in UDK can run well on any PC, so it can reach a broader audience.

I have found one site where I can see the list of unity and unreal engine tutorials list and that list is provided by the programming community. Can you check this Learn Unity - [2021] Best Unity Tutorials |
and suggest to me is it good or what?

@ArjunKumar90 no, man. Not going to do that for you. Just find some tutorials and start doing them. There are no shortcuts here.