Is UE5 stable enough that I should upgrade to it as a gamer? Or should I wait a while.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this, I couldn’t find anywhere that seemed like it was designed for general questions, but this seemed like the most correct place for my question.

Anyway, it’s pretty much all in the title, 99% of what I use my PC for is gaming, and a few days ago when I opened Epic to get my (roughly) free weekly game(s) it told me that Unreal Engine 5 was out. I’m excited and wanna get it, but at the same time I’m a lifelong gamer (who uses Windows) so I’m used to devs releasing broken/unfinished products and then fixing them slowly over years…

If you’re not actually making a game yourself, upgrading to UE5 won’t do anything for you, other than take up disk space with bits you’re not using.

Unreal Engine is to games what Microsoft Word is to novels. If you read novels (“play games,”) it doesn’t matter what word processor the writer used. If you write novels (“make games,”) it does matter, sometimes a little, and sometimes very much.

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