Is UE4 the engine I need to create my human intelligence?

I would like to know if Unreal Engine 4 is the engine I need to run a parallel-running simulation of an artificial intelligence brain in a baby body. No not a video game AI. Us - human-mind intelligence!

Does Unreal Engine 4 use your parallel GPU for the brain to compute PLUS simulate physics, or does it get forced to use the CPU for ex. PhysX?

I need the best physics engine. Is UE4 it?

Does UE4 have pressure and temperature sensors with a temperature fog environment?

And why does Blender look so good? And has anyone actually seen Blender’s physics in action?

UE4 uses PhysX physics engine and uses the CPU for the simulations. AI logic will also be computed on the CPU.

As far as I’m aware, the GPU is only used for rendering stuff and some particle simulations.

PhysX is capable of GPU accelerated simulations, however you’d need an Nvidia GPU. UE4 doesn’t support this out of the box though, so it might be worth checking out some of the Nvidia UE4 branches on Github to see if they offer a solution otherwise you’d need to implement this yourself.

My bad, Game Engines are not my key factor, the Physics Engines are.

Either PhysX, Havok, or Bullet.

Then if my human brain’s compuation is done on the GPU.

Does anyone know why Blender’s Bullet Engine isn’t as good as PhysX?

Does anyone know why Unreal Engine, having the same Physics Engine as Torque and Unity, would be a better Game Engine?

I’ve not used Torque 3D so I can’t say why UE4 is a better game engine than that. Unity on the other hand is a pretty capable game engine, however they don’t offer full engine source code access for zero upfront cost (currently $125 per month). UE4 was much faster for me to pick-up and learn.

For massively parallel AI you want GPGPU e.g. OpenCL, CUDA, etc…

Has literally nothing to do with physics…

My intent was realistic physics matter 1st for my AI to work correctly - then computation power for the brain to compute. Even if I’d need a super fasy CPU not able to use parallel CUDA GPUs.

I narrowed my options down to UE4 and Blender, I just need to figure out at least which’s mass/gravity/collision/bounce/soft-body/friction is more realistic.