Is UE4 suitable for my game?

I am trying to figure out the best engine for my game and so far I have built it in unity and I see that it would be possible, however I am not completely happy with unity so I thought I should try UE4.

There is a part of my game however that I don’t know if it’s even possible.

I want to generate a level out of smaller levels. So I would make lots of parts of a level, you can think of it as a room, that are detailed like a normal level. And then load several of these rooms together to make a complete level.
So I would want to load in these rooms/levels at different locations and preferably at different rotations, and perhaps several times.
I also need this to have functioning navigation and to work in multiplayer.

So how possible is this in UE4? Am I wasting my time? Is it possible with a lot of advanced coding? Is it just a button press away?

I believe you can do that using the World Composition tool, though rotating levels might be an issue. If it’s all dynamic then it’s no problem and you would even need the world composition tool, if you have baked lighting then that would be the issue.