Is UE4 suitable for mmorpg (oh no!) with open world of small callibre?

I did lurk a bit and theres a clarification in UE documentation that its better suited for mmo with short 3-10min matches like fortnite and other games instead of mmo with open world.

However I noticed blade and soul (open world mmorpg) was made in UE.

Im also considering unity but generally im more into UE4 just not sure which engine is better suited for open world MMO.


  • game will be in 3d althrough good 2d is not totally rejected idea
  • i dont have milion budget nor team so you can call it indie game
  • will be for PC only
  • i know mmorpgs are hard
  • i used game maker in the past and also have very strong java fundamentals (althrough im not a pro java coder) so i shouldnt have problems with any of these game engines (UE/Unity) which are suited specifically for game creation, where in java i had to create everything from zero
  • probably ill struggle the most on connectivity and other purely mmo related things
  • im more into C# than c++ as its OOP like java but generally i prefer UE4 rather than unity (graphics and potential perfomance on a screen with more objects bought me)
  • I play only MMO games and have some sick ideas for my own, however i dislike the “short session matches model (like fortnite etc)”
  • I never successfuly did connectivity thing in any game engine or any language but I always wanted to make mmo
  • no skills in C# nor c++(i had the latter in school, outperformed my class as im fast learner, but no one cared there about IT anyway, and i forgot everything)

What are your thoughts?

If you have no experience developing games then you should try a much simpler project.

yeah i will code exact same game but in single player with quests and grind etc first just to learn UE a bit

That’s still probably too big of a project for a beginner–think of any RPG and it still takes a lot of work even without multiplayer.