Is UE4 only for richs?

I am very disliked with the Editor. I cannot talk too much about the engine working as a game but if the Editor is so difficult to make work correctly for sure the engine is some similar.

It appears that Unreal Engine is only in general for rich people who can pay a Windows licence and can buy a lot of expensive hardware including high end PC equipment and high end smartphones.

I have a modest computer (AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor with 16 GB of RAM) , a modest smartphone, a modest monitor, an old and warn out mouse but I can do a lot of things with my equipment except with Unreal Editor.

It is buggy, slow and heavy. It clearly appears to be for people who have enought resources to waste. It takes more than 5 minuts to load a clean project and it freezes continiously. 40 seconds working, 20 seconds frozen, another 40 seconds working, another 20 seconds frozen. That is the UI thread. It is doing some very bad work. And Epic Games says that they want to “share” a commision with me when I have the luck of sell a game?
If I cannot develop, no, if I neither can use the Editor, so I cannot share nothing with you.

I am a linux user only, and I feel that Epic are abusing us too. Because we are a few, they expect to get a lot from us. Maybe I am in mistake, but what I know well is that Unreal Editor under Linux is like a shit. It is the worst program that I executed on my computer. It is (as I said above) slow, heavy and make a very bad use of the compiling tools. It neither uses cmake or something better (scons maybe). It is limited to a weird not well tested compiling system that generates some big and heavy things for get a more heavy and big program. How it will run under Android? Do you forget that Android is running with Linux?

What is the purpose of doing that? Well, I think it is to be more comfortable under… Windows, yes, under Windows. Because there are no instruction neither to cross compiling from Linux to Windows. Being that the first cross compiling method was invented for Linux so we as a Linux user can compile programs to Windows too but Epic Games decided to center effort on only one platform: Windows.

They come to “steal” the wheel (cross compiling) and now all that kind of tools are only for Windows. Are you kidding me?

mingw is a great toolset for doing that. mingw never was so hard to make it work so there is no need to don’t have instructions to compile Unreal from Linux to Windows. But the guys of Unreal decided to make a bad use of it and removed cross compiling from Linux to Windows, but from Windows to Linux. Wtf? Why they don’t do a better work? If you used something different than the weird build system that are actually using the things will be more easy to do. No need to drop support for no one platform.

Really I am in dissapoint with Epic Games and all what they do is try to use the community to get advantage of that. Because here in the forums are a lot of people having unresolved problems. They think that all is ok but really it is NO OK. As Engine, Unreal Engine is a heavy, big, and expensive engine to make work. I am scared of how I will make it work under Android and what kind of super high end smartphone my future clients will need to only load the splash screen of my game.

So, Unreal Engine appears to be a toy for rich guys only.

I hope the community some day comes to rescue, meanwhile I will test some other engines more suitable for what I need.

It is a shame that a promising engine like this started to become a for “rich elite” only people.

UE4 is a bit heavy, but your CPU is 7 years old, what do you expect?

One of my machines is running on a 2011 CPU and it still run everything great unless I enable raytraced rendering which can only be used on my newest PC… But it’s not running Linux, Epic isn’t known for being a Linux supporter, Unity also took ages to make a Linux editor.

Anyway, buying a proper workstation is very cheap when compared to developing video games, using a problematic setup and blaming the software is only adding to waste of time/money/energy.
If you have money to develop a video game then you must have money to buy a non domestic computer.

A seven year old would loose life it tries to run something that is made to run on new hardware. One needs to understand that they cannot run a new software on a device older than 3 years from date.
I do understand that editors for Linux are really bottomline soggy. So one cannot run such editors on linux as linux is not made for it.

To be honest my CPU is also old (i5 2400), but other hardware are not so bad: 32GB RAM, GeForce 1080, only SSD (3x 500GB) and it’s working just fine.
Sure there were crashes and bugs earlier but most are already fixed. Most of the projects loads very fast (only compiling shaders is a bit slow sometimes for my PC).
Also, one of my test project is very heavy (~350GB) and huge map loads in 2-3min. But when it loads everything working fine (however, PIE play test can be slow: 20-40 sec to start)
Basically, UE4 is heavy, but it’s the same as with new games - if you want to play smoothly you need better hardware.

UE4 is not only for the rich, it didn’t cost me anything to download the latest version, save up and upgrade to better PC components, look at me im in the middle of purchasing high end pc parts to build a system to be a head of the class, and I am only on a pention, if I can do it so can you, also UE4 will evolve im just being ready.

Sorry guys but all of you sounds like “rich” people that I am talking about.
I have that computer because for me is very expensive to buy one new. I use efficiently my money because my earnings are 270 dollars at month. And it is near impossible for me to buy something better because here the things are more expensive (50% to 100% more expensive than USA for example).
In that year (2013) I buyed that computer with a lot of effort. So, it is not for me an option to buy something new.

This procesor supports a lot of “new” things. So I don’t think it is unsuitable for editors like this one, specially under Linux because Linux take full advantage of my hardware.

Luckily the master branch is working better, almost it does not freezes as the release branch.

by “master branch” do you mean stable build?

anyways, I’m running the Intel equivalent of your hardware in a laptop just as old. I have not experienced the issues you describe except when running in low power mode (it’s a Windows system (which came pre-installed)).

You can buy a windows license for 12$ in OEM version. Doesn’t make it an OS for the rich…

3D computing is a heavy work load so you obviously take more advantage of a workstation than an old PC.

unreal engine is the best thing that humanity created okay, have some respect. You are trying to create video games or art on your computer, isn’t obvious that you will have to have some decent specs on your computer? I am amazed that i can even build my game for free, on my normal gaming computer, without having to have one of those 18 core cpu’s. cmon we unreal goes above and beyond with being accessible releasing free content. I couln’t make a character or animations to save my life, but they relseased all these paragon assets for free. I hope i get rich so i donate back to the eco system.

Just to add to what has been said. Unreal isn’t the problem of being only for the rich. As already stated, Unreal is free…, the amount of marketplace free content is enough for anyone to make a game. That being said, you don’t have to spend any money on Unreal…period. Where the money needs to be spent is on hardware that is used to make games. That is totally separate from Unreal. Nobody can really blame Unreal for being expensive, blame hardware designers for charging high prices.

One last thing, today’s games require fast computers, video cards and other things. Again, expensive hardware…is the problem…and in this case, not the software.

Hope all works for you!! Cheers

You cant expect everything to be free. Working in the technology/computer field requires expensive equipment and constant upgrading. It is unreasonable to expect professional software like unreal to work on a 7 year old computer. I would recommend looking at Unity (known for its bare bones/light editor) or getting in to a different field.

I’m not rich, but I did invest small sum of cash into my PC, and UE4 runs far better.

Intel i3 3.6Ghz 4cores CPU
500Gb SSD
GPU Nvidia GT1030 2GB memory
the rest is irrelevant for performance
total machine cost 1200$ dollars

approx engine full rebuild time: 1:50h

OS: Original Windows Enterprise x64 no I don’t have a license :wink:
IDE: Visual Studio comunity, it’s free
Game dev tools all free (blender, audacity, real world cursor editor, gimp, colormania)

Engine performance, and iteration speed (IMO): excelent! I did however a lot of research to speed up iteration times and build time.
And yes I don’t use VAX but Intellisense, it works far better than VAX, recent year updates from MS made it better tool. (btw. I also did a lot of reseach on how to speed up intellisense)

Am I happy: Yes.

Do you consider my configuration above to be limited to rich people?

Hey understand where he is coming from with the little budget what I would do if I was you is build in unreal 2D side scroll games they dont take that much just build one of those for mobile and see where it leads you good luck