Is UE4 cross-platform?

Dear All,
it may be a dumb question but I have not found the answer.
Is UE4 a cross-platform engine? I mean once I finished making my game, can I compile it to iOS, Android, Windows and browsers alike?
Thanks in advance.

Cross-platform means you could be on PC playing multiplayer with someone on another platform. It does support multiple platforms, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4.
Linux support requires compiling the source for Linux, Xbox/Playstation require that you first become an approved developer and then you can contact them to get access to the version of the engine that supports those platforms.

So I messed up the terms. Thanks for straighting me out :smiley:
Yes, I wish to make a game - a single player one and compile it to Windows Phone, Android, iOS and browsers, so only mobile platforms.
If I got it right, UE can do it, right?
Edit: browsers and only mobile, I’m in my top shape now -_-

UE4 does not support Windows Phone, but it does support iOS, Android, and HTML5 (for browsers)

You will need to get an apple dev account first before you can test it on ios devices.

Can I build a multiplayer game on Linux and then people from other platforms can connect to it?

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It depends on how you are going to implement your multiplayer. Afaik if you are using Steamworks you can establish connections between every “steam-ready” platform (Windows, Linux, Mac).

Thank you for your answer. I am going to build a multiplayer without Steamworks. I just want to have my own server with a game, which clients will be connected to. I wish to do all on Linux that is developing and then building clients too (for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc).