Is UE4 A good Choice for Strategic games

Hello, I am searching A lot to find which engine is best choice to make a Strategic game Like Clash of Clans Or Clash Royal…

I Know That Unreal Engine Is A lot More PowerFull than the other Engines Like Unity,
But The problem is There Is No Such Games On Unreal Engine Yet. And Another Problem Is the size of APK file Unreal Gives that is Huge.

But There is many Samples for games Like That On Unity Or Cocos2d-x

The Question is that does this fact that there is no showcase of games like that by unreal engine, means that UE4 is not suitable for such games or it is so hard to implement it in compare of an engine Like Unity?

In the end the engine is a tool and it is how you use it.

Unreal Engine is not as mature as Unity when it comes to the mobile side of things, but they are getting better every release and the community has released some good plugins to assist you with mobile development.

There is documentation on reducing APK Sizes:

You would need to search the forums to find the plugins that will help you and ultimately you would have to make the decision for yourself. If I was in your shoes and I wasn’t tied to a specific platform I would evaluate both engine by doing this:

  • Choose a simple concept to test, let it include a menu, a simple level with some mechanics, and maybe a pause menu
  • Build the concept in Unreal Engine
  • Build the concept in Unity
  • Compare how easy/difficult it was, size of APKs, ease of packaging, ease of use, etc.
  • Choose the engine that meets your requirements

I don’t do mobile development for specific reasons and I chose Unreal Engine because I have access to the source code and I can package the same project for Windows, Linux, and Mac quite easily … so it is my preferred engine of choice.

Good luck with your project and I hope you find the answers you are looking for.