Is UE4 a good choice for Hyper-Casual 3D games?

Hey guys!
Is UE4 a good choice for Hyper-Casual games? (like games from Voodoo, Ketchapp, etc.)

What is minimal apk/ipa app size in UE4 nowadays?
Do hyper-casual publishers accept UE4 games?


Hey guys!
The question is still relevant, would you be so kind do share your opinion?

Not to dissuade you, but you could have downloaded UE, done a few tutorials and found out for yourself by now.

UE is a game engine so it can do whatever you want. Asking “can it do hyper casual games” makes no sense. Asking if publishers might avoid UE makes no sense either. If anything it’s a reliable, solid, well-known platform that is in active development.

Minimum size is around 30MB if you turn off most of the features. Someone got it down to 26MB. In the real world there are virtually no successful games that size unless they’re poor looking. You can try having a very small initial download and then fetch game content once the user has opened the app though, which is how most publishers handle it in any game engine.

The bigger question is can YOU make a hyper-casual game? The tools are there, get cracking.