Is UE4 a good choice for a non-programming person?

Hi, I’m an artist and I’ve never really worked with the programming side of a game engine. I have some experience with Unity, but again I did only graphics. I recently heard about the Blueprint inside UE4 and the idea seems brilliant. But I want to know, can you create a game solely by using Blueprint? Or is programming necessary? I wanted to know before I give it a try. I was interested in doing a little project by myself.

Short answer…Yes. :slight_smile:

You can create entire games with blueprints (but it also depends on your game ^^) and you dont need any programming experience, because blueprints are supe easy to use.

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yes you can make an entire game using blueprints however I think there are some limitations, not sure what they are although I think some of the networking/multiplayer stuff you would need at least some code for. also blueprints are slower then code, I think C++ is something like 10x faster but unless you are going to have massive amounts of variables and stuff you probably wouldn’t notice.

I too am not a coder (I’m a modeller mainly) but even I can program quite a few things with UE4, in my opinion you could probably do more with UE4 then any other engine.

hope that helps.

Thank you everyone for your replies. This sounds really exciting. About the nodes being slower: I don’t think it’ll matter much, because I’m gonna start slow and test out everything. Obviously big projects are not on my ‘to-do’ right now. Once again, thank you :slight_smile: . I’ll start with the tuts right away.

UE4 is great for non-programmers. The blueprints are easy to pick up and it can serve as a stepping stone to full fledge c++ for beginners :wink: