Is UE3 free?

Whereas UE4 became free, what about the UE3? Is it free too? Can I get source code? If developers “are not shipping updates to UE3.”, why not to give us a latest version? I am interested only in UE3, not 4.
And what about license? If it “not supported”, does commercial license terms apply on UE3/UDK, or it is “completely” free?

You can still use UDK like normal, but the full version of UE3 is not available unless you want to work out a licensing deal. They can’t release it like they’ve done with UE4 because it uses many other technology sources which they aren’t allowed to share. One of the main things about UE4 that they wanted to do was make it so that they could fully share the source code and it was designed from the beginning that way.

Take a look at this site to get more information about the UDK licence -> UDK Licensing Resources - Unreal Engine :slight_smile: