is UE a good choice for only mobile games?

Hi guys

I know you’ve heard a lot of these questions
I’m sorry

if you are professional in UE
and only want to make games for mobile

is UE a good choice for your journey?

can you make 2d & simple 3d games for mobile perfectly ?

(forget about modeling and environment… etc)

Use something that actually performs well from a company that doesn’t sue Apple possibly preventing future releases of your products on the apple store…


Its kinda blunt as an answer but its not wrong. Watching reruns of Entourage atm and MostHost’s replies remind me a bit of Ari Gold. :stuck_out_tongue: So overall, I recommend looking into Godot. If you don’t like that option then try Gamemaker. If you don’t like that try Unity. :wink:

Completely agree with the answers already given, plus UE4 has no love for 2D.

It’s designed for 3D, so it’s perfect for a “2D played” game (horizontal or vertical scrolling, or even isometric) in a 3D environment. For example : Octopath Travelers, Yoshi’s Crafted World.

But for old-school 2D with sprites, you’re better off with another engine.
Or maybe try with this kind of plugin (Pixel 2D - Complete 2D Engine for Unreal in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace), I don’t know.