Is U4 the most advanced editor out there?

This is such an impressive piece of software technology. I couldn’t imagine there is anything more advanced yet user friendly than U4, would you agree?

I have to agree with that :), but mostly it just depends on with which engine you have started. For example somebody that was using the blender game engine for years now, wouldn’t say that the UE4 is user friendly :wink:

In my opinion the UE4 is the most powerful and advanced commercial game engine yet. As for “user friendly”, it’s depends on the user : )

UE4 was intended for the future that is why it took them so long to make, I would say UE4 is a true Next-Gen Engine, I believe the only limitations for me now is our creativity.

Please don’t flame me but in regards to just purely the Editor and ease-of-use I think Unity Editor might be its’ equal.

(Just my personal opinion sorry)

But ah, UE4 has more built-in toys. Without extra plugins, yeah UE4 would out edge Unity quite easily. Unity would need Playmaker, Probuilder, ShaderForge, UniSequence, a Terrain plugin, etc to get anywhere close.

Okay just talked myself into agreeing with you! :smiley:

I still like both technologies though

Purely the editor? Unity editor doesn’t come close, it’s extremely limited in how you can place and control objects. Not to mention things like how they don’t have true orthographic viewports.
Unity is “easy” if by easy you mean doesn’t have much you can do with it and is therefore simple.

seems the most impressive to me so far at least one the public can actually use for not big of a price at all :slight_smile:

Will keep it short, As an engine that can be used by everyone and not an internal engine yes. I am sure there are more engines that are used internally in a few companies that might be more advanced.

Unreal Engine 4 is not the most advanced Engine in my opinion (look at CryEngine for example), but has the most user-friendly and most comprehensive editor out there. Epic Games does an amazing job and the editor is very strong, easy to understand and has a very good workflow.

The CryEngine editor was nice, but had an awful workflow in my opinion and wasn’t as comprehensive as the UE4 editor.
Let’s see what Crytek releases in May, maybe they got some stuff sorted out.

PS:That CE was going to be an EaaS was known before Epic Games came up with UE4 too, so let’s see. Competition is always good.