Is ti possible to install UE in windows server?

Well, I just want to have a server with UE installed in order to make packages for the projects. The idea is to have access from 5 developers to that server and use the powerful of it. I mean the developers make the project in a workstation with low requirements but when they finish they just build the project by connecting in a server with UE4 installed.

Is this posible?

It is possible but why the hassle? As you may know from remote accessing a server, the work you do on it feels very unresponsive and laggy. Therefore most people use a cmd to work with it. Just use source control like git or svn.

I believe that this could be a use-case for automation builds. SO there is some stock to being able to run UE4 on a windows server instance, i.e. if you wanted to run your builds in AWS or some other (cloud) provider.