Is this worth it?

Basically I’m about to jump into UE4 as I really want to become a games developer and have a strong passion to make games. I already have an idea for the game I want to make but obviously I need to learn the skills first in order to make my dream become a reality.

My question is whether this would be a good course to start with? And weather it’s worth the £30 they are asking for:


This is the course description:

I’m not going to say I’m a professional developer. I’m going to go about my game development solo. I’ll take as much learning as I can and with the amount of reviews and good word of mouth from people, this course is a steal at it’s price. I used a coupon code (google Udemy Coupon Code) and got $11 off and only paid $24. In the end, it’s up to you on if you want to learn how to create games in UE. The C language is definitely a plus to know when developing games as well.

It’s as good as any. You can definitely learn anything the course would cover solo, but unless you’re really good at learning on your own you aren’t going to be missing anything. I cannot speak from experience, but it’s likely a good compilation of a lot of important topics that you’d have to track down individually on your own. If you’re in a situation where you have more time than money, you could get by without it- but if your time is a resource go for it. It’s not that much and claims to cover a lot of ground. If you put it to good use, it may well be the best £30 you’ve ever spent, certainly better than a trip to the cinema.

Wow I am glad I posted here before buying the course now. For that price its a bargain.

As far as I know, it is the only course of its kind that is C++ based. That by itself makes it worth the money.

It’s a good course for the money, even if you already know a lot, any additional resource is valuable ^^

I recommend you first go through official tutorials from Epic, you’ll find them at the docs page and their youtube channel. Then I suggest you use the Wiki and study content examples and experiment on your own. By now, you have learned a great deal, and you can take another look at this and other paid courses again after that. The Udemy course do not teach advanced C++, which is fine, but the basics of C++ you learn in that course you can easily learn from free C++ tutorials, which there are PLENTY of, just google and youtube. It would be easier to give you recommendations like this if I knew anything about your experience though, do you know some programming from before?

The Udemy course, about 50 lessons seem to be dedicated to just installation and introduction of Visual Studio/XCode and very basic programming principles.

You are also paying on the promise of content. “The final course will be over 30 hours of content and 200+ lectures.”
Right now there are “only” 14 hours worth of content.

Personally, I’m not really fond of academic types that just spend a little time familiarizing themselves with a topic and now they are ready to teach you. I prefer to learn from actual game developers with a lot of experience. This Ben Tristem guy, calls himself a game developer, but all I’ve seen him do are tutorials on Udemy.

Quite a number of people who teach game development, who don’t actually do game dev.

It’s like these C++ gurus (like Scott Meyers) who’s never written an application of any size.

Imo, the problem with the Wiki and YouTube tutorials from EG and community is that a great deal of them were made for earlier versions and are completely outdated.

Hm, having looked at a lot of this material that is not my experience at all. There will always be version differences, all material can never be up to date, but “completely outdated”? No, even a lot of UDK material can be translated to UE4 with ease, not to speak of just previous UE4 versions. And in fact, this can actually be a good thing. As it will force you to think, and force you to fiddle and experiment, or if you’re programming and there’s a deprecation you’ll be forced to find another way. This is much better than just mindlessly copying what you see. As soon as there’s a snag your brain has to wake up. Because now you have problem that needs solving, and that’s what game dev is all about.

Hopefully Zak is working on some new stuff… I agree, he’s a great teacher.

The best thing I ever did was buy a book from Rachael Cordone (Angel Mapper) about scripting in UDK, best £30 I ever spent. She basically taught me how to program, I tried various other tutorials before but never managed to grasp it until I read through her stuff.

I havn’t looked through the course to see it’s quality but for £30 you can’t go wrong surely. I found it better to start learning with a structured tutorial rather than watching or reading random tutorials. Once you’ve grasped the basics all those tutorials you watched before that you found hard to follow will start to make sense.

Think of it like an RPG and that first £30 course is the rubbish boring level 1 tutorial where you have to go pick 10 flowers and kill 5 goblins. Once you’ve got that out of the way the world of Unreal opens up to you.

I have done the course to a degree, like 20% of it and it’s great. I would definitely buy it. 30 dollars is nothing for such a project. Not to mention he will be increasing the subjects in time that he will teach.

He starts from the VEEEEEEEEEEEERY basic of coding which is great for a beginner. At least it was awesome for me. You start to do some non-unreal c++ stuff first to understand c++, then head into unreal later. So go for it!

Any idea why it has jumped so stupidly from £30 to nearly £200?

For some reason that’s how Udemy operates. The standard prices are very high, but there are frequent sales with 80-90% off. It makes the perceived value higher.

Never buy on Udemy with less than 75% off. You won’t have to wait long for it to happen.

It’s currently on sale for 95% off. That’s the lowest sale I’ve ever seen in any store…

For some reason I had to find a coupon to get it that low, it wasnt discounted that much before.

I never pay more for a udemy course than 10-15€, the most expensive one I bought was 20€ I think. Search for coupons if it’s not cheap enough. I have never experienced such an absurd awkward pricing-model like on udemy. Especially after they announced in an official video that they will stop doing this and start selling for reasonable price tags to make it more transparent. A few weeks later the same ■■■■ again :). Certainly some courses on the site are good. But just don’t pay too much for them. In these Days everybody tries to be a teacher, but only a few will help you in getting a deeper understanding. Wasting 10€ is not that hard. You can get your money back for 30 days anyways .