Is this tutorial still valid for 4.24?

Trying to follow this tutorial and cannot get it to work.

Is there anything here that would stop it from working properly with 4.24?

It should work, what problem are you having?

Hey there - thanks for your help!

When editing the material, I’m getting nothing showing up in the preview (just a checkerboard square); also, when I try to Apply or Save, I get a message stating

“The current material has compilation errors, so it will not render correctly in feature level SM5. Are you sure you wish to continue?”

and I get a “[SM5] Grass> Input missing” error in Stats.

Not sure if it’s helpful but I’m attaching an image of the (current) material editor. FYI both materials in Layer Blend are set to a Preview Weight of 1.


Disregard - solved. I had two array elements in the Material Expression. :slight_smile: (Not sure how I created two, but hey…)

Left this up in case anyone else runs into this.