Is this tutorial correct???

I followed this tutorial to create a time attack BP Time Attack Racer: Overview | 01 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube Here everything is in the PlayerController, I mean, the game rules, is it correct?? Or this stuff should be wrote in the GameMode??? I hope you can help me guys, thanks!!!

A tutorial, if it works, in some ways is correct, but… ( I haven’t watched the vid )

Player controller is for controlling the player - kinda in the name, and game mode is just supposed to be a config BP which tells the system a few basic setup facts.

There is an obsession in UE blueprint, for some reason, focused around:


Very often, these are not good or logical places to put code.

Just sayin’…

So, if it works then it’s correct right? When you try to build a more complex architecture some things start to look strange…

Well, I’m saying, if it works, at least there’s some value in it.

Well thanks a lot dude!!! I will continue working on this then