Is this true that UE4 has worse/missing physics?

Is the wall of text someone wrote below true, or still true today, that the new-n-improved UE4 has missing physics / worse physics? What else is missing/worse? Is it just physics?

(I’m creating a advanced AI being in UE4, and if UE4 has missing/worse physics or render or etc, that’s not good…I need top physics for simulating AI)

Ultimately it depends on your project. How much time do you want to waste figuring out how to get a specular hit on a translucent surface? Because of the new PBR system specular is disabled on transparent materials like glass and water. You might think oh well I’ll just add my own lighting model to it like when I wanted a Blinn in UDK. Nah bro. LightVector is depcrecated. You can’t even do that. I’ve spent three days trying to figure out how to get a shine on my water. Also dest color is no longer there so I’m still looking how to regain or replace that. I want to have red absorbed at X amount over Y distance with Z falloff against the color behind the water surface but I can’t find destcolor function. There are no more light channels. So a simple fog of war effect in an ARPG becomes a nightmare to figure out too. Used to be you could just make a custom light channel and attach a light to the player pawn and exclude the player pawn from the light channel so it didn’t cast shadows from that light. No more light channels. So it really depends on your project. The only way you’ll know is to buy a license and start up a test scene with some of the must have features of your current project. It’s beautiful. I did a massive terrain with a very efficient shader in a couple of days. But those other problems are a BIG deal and there is little documentation on workarounds atm If I were to give you advice other than a caveat it would be this: Look at the features they advertise for UE4. If one of those features is something that would enhance your game it would be worth a risk. Otherwise I think you should be warned to expect a lot of disappointment when migrating.

that wall of text relates to many things, none of which refer to physics.
some of the missing stuff in that wall of text are now implemented and supported (i.e. specular on translucency, light channels), some take more work but can be done (custom lighting models), and some are plain and simple shortcomings of the writer’s lack of experience (dest color is the main scene color, and fog of war being done with a light…)

the one thing that holds true is his first statement: Ultimately it depends on your project
for many things, UE4 has better physics. but if you want to make a car/vehicle game that’s where it’s just worse.
whats your intended use?

btw this is the UDK forum, the place to talk about UE3

I’ll make a new thread, this thread is kinda related to my soon to be thread, just I thought it was more a UDK vs UE4 thing. But really the question is does UE4 have certain things/is the best engine for me. So in my new thread, yous can tell me if for example UDK would be the best.