Is this possible?

I have a amazing idea i have for the contest and since I do not want people coyping it so im not gonna give much info about what i need is it possible to have a New Structure that can be with a engram that a lvl 0 player starts off with that cost like 1 thatch to craft once placed down you click E and it open a CUSTOM Inventory System… if i say to much it might reveal my idea , unless official devs can help with this i am not going to tell anyone my idea … sorry but we all want to win this compertion so cant share my idea unless it is too official staff

like I said if official StuidoWildCard Reply I Will Reveal My Idea (TO THEM ONLY!)

Hi Crafting Cookie,

Honestly the devs might not have time to deal with individual request from people so don’t be surprised if you don’t get a reply from the staff :slight_smile:

From the looks of your idea, i’m tempted to say that it is possible but maybe you’ll need more blueprint functions to achieve your idea.

Clue Word to my – Trading

I’m also looking for trading for my mod. And we’ll definitely need more exposed blueprint functions to have a proper system in place.

It should come eventually but maybe not in time for the contest.

:frowning: technically if i was to do it it probly would make me win , i do have a way of getting it to work however i could do craft trades