Is this Possible? What should I know to get started?

Hello, I am doing research for an upcoming project and would like to hear from the experts if the following is possible within the engine. If doable, please reply with some specific keywords or topics that can help me get further informed. Also, if you are someone that can potentially collaborate in this project, I would like to hear from you too.

The idea is to create an architectural design tool that will allow users to collaborate in real-time. This tool is not intended to compete or be nearly as complex as 3DSMax. The drawing mode will mostly be from a plan view. Below are some specific features that would be needed:


  1. A masterplan image (JPG/PNG) can be imported and calibrated for scale.
  2. A library of prefabricated geometry which can be added onto the canvas.
  3. An API will allow for new geometry to be added to the library.
  4. The app should be able to work offline, and synchronize with the API when online.
  5. Tools are needed to rotate, scale, and move the geometry around the canvas.
  6. Draw paths, rectangular or smooth with multiple control points and bezier curves.
  7. Define enclosed paths as boundaries to keep geometry in or out.
  8. Calculate area, perimeter, and volume of selected geometries.
  9. A bezier curve could be used to define a walkway (after adding width and thickness of walkway).
  10. User privileges will restrict certain actions (moving objects, adding new geometry, sharing, etc…)
  11. Screenshots can be captured and shared.
  12. Designs can have multiple versions and can be shared / edited by other users.

It is a large undertaking to produce that. It is possible in UE4.

It sounds kind of like a collaborative version of the editor and whilst the editor isn’t collaborative per se right now you have the source code accessible.

If you only use Blueprint you could still acheive this in a relatively short time.

The engine doesn’t have #12 built in but it does have a Perforce and SVN integration in the Editor.

You could use UE4 to get a barebones, BP based prototype working of the very basics.

As for #3, just let people use Maya/Max/Blender to create their assets.

BTW I assume you are aware of Sauerbraten/Warsow or whatever the Cube engine is these days?

Also consider that you could use the editor in current vanilla configuration and adjust your users’ workflows rather than altering the tool.

If you want to build it, the limits and timeframes will be based on your experience and knowledge (coding skills etc).

BTW there is a deidicated section of the forum for requesting assistance with projects, you may get a better response there.

Everything in that list is doable in UE4.

Thanks for the feedback Dingo.

Regarding #3, the idea is definitely to model those library items in an external editor (3DSMAx, etc…) and just bring them into the app.

Regarding #12, since the geometry and modeling tools will be very basic (literally references to pre-built components, or bezier paths) I was thinking each design could be saved as an XML or JSON. The user would then just load the exported document and the app will load the necessary geometry and place them where they’re supposed to be.

I was not aware of the Cube Engine but it sounds interesting that it allows for multiple people to collaborate on the level building. I’m downloading it now and will check it out.

After reading my original post again I realize it wasn’t obvious that the idea is to package this as an app that can be run from a desktop or as an iPad app. As such, the users will not be working from within the UE4 editor itself, but rather a simplified version with a very limited set of tools.

I’ll reach out to the forum section for assistance with projects.

Thanks again!