Is this possible to get IMEI in mobile devices ?

i want to check IMEI to get player informations from server , as i know its only way to identify mobile devices . so there anyway to doing this in UE4 ?

IMEI is something a player doesnt want to publish or being stored somewhere

so is there any other solution for storing player data based on mobile device information ? something unique for each user ? and not changing with OS updates

Probably best to make a login system, perhaps using a universal login system like OAuth. Anything attached to the phone is going to be attached to the phone, not the user.

That’s a quick way to get your game banned from the iOS Appstore, since Apple strongly forbids apps from relying on any kind of permanent device identification. Google isn’t that far behind it either.

So no, there is no way to automatically tie an account to a specific player device that survives a factory reset. Use a proper login system and let people create their accounts or log-in with 3rd party accounts like Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.