Is this possible to do with UE?


I would like to know if this is possible to do with UE. For my game, I would like to have a small level that a player can build on. For example, I would like the user to be able to move around in first person and pull up a menu and they can select build wall or something and then a wall will appear in front of them and it will snap to the grid. After that, the user could maybe select the wall and go to a menu to change the color of the wall. If someone could tell me if this is possible/legal to do with UE that would be great. Any tips for doing this would be appreciated also. If not, any advice on a program I could use to do this would be very useful.

I could see there being issues because the player would kind of be using UE for building and not paying the subscription for it.


That’s certainly possible and very legal, that has nothing to do with building a game like you would build a game with the UE4 editor, it’s just gameplay. Epic’s upcoming game Fortnite has game mechanics like that.

As darthviper said, it is possible -> you can see some projects like that in the wip section of the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, that’s such a relief. That Fortnite game looked pretty cool. I really did not want to start trying to find a different engine that would allow that, still new with UE4 though.

This is what was said on the other forums, does this sound about right?