Is this possible to change your project base to BP?

I dont know how to scripting but my teammate forced me to start a project based on scripting. Now he left and im single again. Now i want to change my projects base to blueprint. Can i ?

That depends if you have any Blueprints or Plugins that rely on the custom source code. If not then make a backup and try to delete the following folders and files.

  • .vs
  • Binaries
  • Intermediate
  • Source
  • *.sln

There isn’t really any difference when having a Blueprint Project vs a C++ Project. Some bad code can prevent you from packaging your game though.

hmm. Alright I’ll do it tomorrow. I want because i need to delete visual studio. I don’t use so why i should keep it in my pc.

Note that you only need to backup the **Source **Folder since the other files and folders can be regenerated.

what if i i don’t backup source folder? Didn’t you say me delete it,?

Yes but Blueprints could break and it will be easier to recover the source folder and remove the dependency in the Blueprint and then delete the Source folder again.

Dıd not work dude. damn it ! It says Found some broken files, Wanna rebuild ? I hit no and ue4 gets closed.If i hit yes it will be again C ++ project.