Is this pc, Ready?

Hello, fellow developers,
My question for to day is, I’m about to purchase this desktop pc
and I wanted to know if it is powerful to run ue4 on it
this is it

SkyTech Shadow GTX 1050 Gaming Computer Desktop PC FX-4300 3.80 GHz Quad Core, GTX 1050 2GB, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, 24X DVD, Wi-Fi USB, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Black (ST-SHADOW-GTX1050-2G)

you can see recommendations here:A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums, the one you’re looking for is above the recommendation, but you should take in consideration what you want to make in ue4, bigger projects can consume a lot of your hardware, i have a FX 6300 and actually my project takes more than 1 hour to build lighting, if i had a better CPU it would build faster, i you just want to make simple games, like for mobile then you should be ok, if you want to make a realistic looking game with a big/open world map, then get a better PC, you can also consider that most recent games usually recommends a FX 6300 or a FX 8350 as minimum requeriments, if a FX 4300 in theory is not enough to play a game, then it should be even worse to MAKE the game.

I went on YouTube, and it plays call of duty on ultra settings, and alot of people said it was good, my question is can it run ue4

This simple answer to your question is “Yes, it can load UE4 and run it”. If that is all you want, then you are done reading this post. Yay!!

However, @veccher brings up a very good point, and it is important to make sure that you are getting the machine you want, for the thing you are doing. If you want to make the game of pong, that computer will work amazing for that. If you want to make the next generation 4k MMO, then you will probably be screaming at you computer.

I think its more important that you explain what you want to do with unreal engine in order to get an answer that suits you.

yes, it can “run ue4”, you will be able to create a project, open it and run it perfectly, but have in mind that the performance that UE4 demands is proportional to the complexity of your project, so as i said, simple projects, like a casual mobile game, or create basic projects and follow some tutorials, then it will be ok, bigger projects, like VR projects or open world projects, will not be OK, i can’t tell you exactly where’s the thin line between “ok” and “not ok” for your project, you will kinda have to discover it by yourself. Also have in mind that better CPU = less time compiling shaders or building lighting, if you don’t mind waiting, then it will be ok.

Ok, my project is going to be a, double, story, type, its going to be stages, once you complete the first mission, then i will show a cutscene, then the next stage, its not a freeroam. like call of duty missons, how its a different environment everytime , thats how im going to make it. Will that use alot of space? And could my pc handle it?

if you choose the simple answer, ok go ahead, you will be able to advance in your project, but there will be a point that you’re probably going to find performance problems, you will need to deal with it.

not simple (and long) answer:
to be more specific i would need more info about the size of your map, an estimative of the complexity of your code, an estimative of the number of enemies/actors in the world at the same time, the target visual quality etc. so i would be able to estimate the hardware you need, let’s focus on 4 basic things:

  • CPU (FX 4300), it’s going to be used to do basic arithmetic and logic operations, in general it’s responsible for the “non visual” part of your game, like physics, the movimentation of your character, the movimentation of your projectiles, AI, the CPU also is responsible for building lighting, compile shaders, or packaging your game, in this “compiling” part, you won’t have problems in “can it compile?” but the problem will be “how long it takes to compile?”. things that may cause problems:
    having many enemies at same time, many projectiles, or lots of things being destructed at the same time. build lighting in specific will take just a few seconds in the beggining, but it can take hours as your map goes bigger,i have a map with an estimate size of 40000 x 30000 units, the last time i’ve built lighing it took 2 hours, and this map isn’t finished yet, also using unreal my cpu stays in 30-40% of usage, have in mind i have an FX 6300, so a 4300 should be 20-30%worse in theory. in my opinion this CPU is the worst part of your computer.

  • RAM (8GB), Ram is a resource to the CPU, it stores necessary information to the CPU, every variable you create will take some RAM when an instance of that actor is spawned, you don’t have to worry unless you want to store lots of really big vectors for some reason, my unreal engine uses from 1.5GB to 3 GB of ram…

…when i’m packaging a game or building lighting it goes to 4GB - 7GB of use (just to UE4), in general RAM won’t be a problem if you keep just unreal open, if you try to open things like chrome, or 2 different projects at same time you may have problems, but the best part is that RAM is the easiest thing to upgrade, you can just buy some extra 8GB if you’re not satisfacted.

  • GPU (GTX 1050), this will be responsible for the visual processing of your game, i think you won’t have problems making a game, unless you wan’t to spawn tons of particles at the same time, or use tons of folliage, or want a game that looks like deus ex/witcher 3, and if things goes bad you will be able to reduce visual quality in the engine scalability settings, i have an r9 270, the 1050 should be 15-25% better, i will send you an SS of my project, have in mind it’s not finished yet, and it’s a top down shooter, in this visual level i don’t have problems playing in ultra at 60FPS, my only problem is with folliage, i’ve put a dense grass in some areas and the FPS drops in these areas.

  • VRAM (2GB), this is like RAM, but for the graphics cards, it will be used for textures for example, it will be ok unless you want to make everything in 4k.

Conclusion: In general, you will be able to use UE4 ok at the begin, but as your project get bigger you will probably find problems in your CPU performance, it’s possible to finish a project with it, but if you want my recomendation try to buy something better, have in mind this is a low end PC, it would be ok if you’re trying to play some older games or some newer games at low settings, but to a developer it’s not the better platform. You can keep the GTX 1050 but i recommend you to get a better CPU and try to get a MB with extra RAM slots, try to get a Ryzen 5 or a i5, if you don’t have money you can go with a i3/ryzen 3, as last options you can buy a FX 8300 or 6300, but have in mind that if you buy a FX and someday you decide to change your CPU you would need to also change RAM/Motherboard and CPU, and it would be expensive. In my opinion It’s better to wait a month or 2 to get another U$50/U$100 to get a good PC than buying a bad one and have to spend U$250/U$300 in CPU RAM and MB, if you don’t have money i can give you a hint to where to start saving, buy the home version of windows instead of the PRO one, unless you really need something from the PRO version.

ok this is the longest answer ever, sorry, i’ve tried to be the more informative as possible

Thank you @veccher, and @jCeritelli for all your help, i see now, i must find a better pc, do you all have any particular, pc for a good price, alot of people say, you can build a pc, thats way cheaper, the problem, with that is, i have no technical, experience then i dont know the sites, to go to thats trustworthy. Do you all have any idea, were i can find a good one for a good price?

I recommend building one as well as it’s a fraction of the cost of a pre-built setup and honestly it’s not as technical as you would think. You can google and youtube all the info you need. Usually people are more than willing to help you setup a good parts-list to conform to a certain budget. I’ve seen many people ask on Steam’s forums for the specific games that I play … and I’m assuming people on the UE4 forums would be just as helpful.

Do you have a parts-list, thats a good budget?

The budget is how ever much you want to spend overall. I would make a post on the UE4 forums stating that you need help putting together a parts-list for a pc … include your budget and the type of game (quality-wise) that you wish to develop. The forums are more suited towards that type of thing compared to the AnswerHub.

La_crushar i can’t help you in finding the better parts because i’m from brazil, prices here are pretty different from wherever you live, here in brazil a lot of people recommend an i5 (or ryzen 5) 8GB of RAM and a RX 470, but i don’t know how are the prices where you live, maybe these parts are not so worth it where you are for example here the price difference between a FX 4300 and a FX 6300 is around R$ 40 (something around U$10) so here a FX 4300 is not worth it, maybe it’s different in the USA, i believe you will have a better luck at forums like axenation said.

Ok thanks for your help

Ok thanks for all your help