Is this Laptop Okay for Unreal Engine? i am noticing some Lag

Hi Guys. Sorry for the Question but i just started Unreal 3 weeks ago as a short course from my school. It was all going well but suddenly i notice that for my current project it was lagging even with medium setting. you can even see after-images…

so my laptop spec is
I7-6700HQ @ 2.6ghz
8GB ram
64bit Win 10
GTX 970M 3GB GDDR5 has a intel integrated Graphics Card as well.

What i had in this project was (3rd Person New Project)

  1. terrain created with World Machine,
  2. A Landscape Material seems to be a high specs mat with grass, flower, rocks and wind simulated movement on the grass and flowers,
  3. Some Additional Trees and Rocks.
  4. a constant backgroup sound
  5. 2 moving objects using matinee

So would like to ask is this okay for unreal development? i am guessing the Landscape Mat is the Problem. I am thinking of upgrading the ram to 16 gb at least since it seems once i run Unreal about 80% of the ram is gone. But does that even helps at all?

any help is appericated thanks.

A 970M is about on par with a GTX 960 (the desktop GPU) which is a entry level gaming card at around $175. I would expect it to run modern games at medium/high settings. You can always try running the example content and Unreal Tournament to see how well that GPU can perform with UE4 content and games. It’s definitely good enough to use for development, but you wont be getting 60 FPS in the editor all the time.

Nope. It’s more comparable with a GTX470, not a GTX960 - it’s not that capable a card.

I’d expect such a card to be functional, but not fantastic.

Going off these benchmarks, frame rates in Thief, Battlefield 4, and Fire Strike are very similar. G3D Mark Rating isn’t a good indicator for GPUs.

I don’t like those examples because there’s no indication of the source of the data, and you can’t see the respective hardware for either machine that generated them (because they cannot be the same). Framerates could easily be similar because either system is bound elsewhere.

Your laptop specs are fine over all.

UE4 is heavy to run and even powerful laptops (with the exception of very bulky models) are not at the same level as desktops, so you should expect some slowdowns.

16 GB is good to have, especially for large and detailed levels, but it will probably not make your scenario run better. My bet is on the GPU being the limitting factor.

Make sure to not run other heavy processes at the same time, and if possible have the power cord connected.

8GB is just absolute minimum, strive for higher RAM…

You will have a minimum experience with it, but you will be able to work on it as long as your levels aren’t large.

Thanks for the reply guys. i guess it was really due Graphics Card. Was worried for a moment i had to buy a new Com after getting this for only 6 months ^^;;;;.

Odd question: does the Lag/slowdown still persist after you have packaged it?
I assume that because the Com is processing that data needed for the Play Mode so hence game is suffering a slow down as well??
I am basing this on the fact that i can run Doom on Ultra. But can Doom be consider Graphics Intensive?

I would highly recommend against basing your performance when developing games on your FPS when playing games. Though I suppose it depends on your workflow. For example, I tend to not set up LoD and optimizing level performance until I have most of my level assets placed… so in the meantime, I really like having the performance to do a bit of testing in the game before going all in. Most AAA games you’re playing are already optimized, with LoD’s and level streaming all set up so it’s not a lag fest throughout the game.

Also, my current desktop can pretty much any game in ultra, but when I’m on Maya, developing assets (especially when weights painting) or when I’m texturing on substance painter, I can still experience some performance issues for big files.

If you have the budget, you may want to consider developing the main project on a powerful desktop and using your laptop to develop modular assets you can import in.

+1 on not comparing early tests to optimized AAA games. And if I remeber right the new Doom is known to be very performant considering the high end visuals.