Is this high level flow doable/fesible for a Dedicated Server instance per multiplayer match?

So there is documentation about Networking and how to set up an UE4 dedicated server and connecting with console commands, but not so many real or practical implementation examples for a serious game.

I read somewhere that if you are to create a multiplayer game using a dedicated server design per match, you can use each port (1 to 65544 or so).

So what about this design:

  1. Player enters into a lobby and select create a new match room button.
  2. His client calls a RESTful service using blueprints for JSON web api communication. The api will check available ports and start a new dedicated server with an available port specified in the console command. If the instance was started successfully the database will store the allowed client username/ip and return a CREATED or NOT response.
  3. Other players will be able to request IP & port per available open match.

Sounds feasible/doable ?
Or is there a better approach?