Is this good place to start with?


I’m looking for something and few days ago i found on Youtube that Unreal Engine was used to realtime rendering machine for 3D interior made in blender.
I was stunned when i seen that video. That lighting… materials, working sink, water… everything and what was best is that u could walk around that place like real human.

I know from past Unreal Engine because i playd few times in Unreal but that is used for rendering architecture projects? Stunned:)

I think i could make animation on my own but i know there will be troubles with starting with and im getting to the point now.

I want to buy Unreal Engine and learn it for realtime 3D rendering of my own projects but i dont know where to start… Can somebody put here some goodmade tutorials and please… dont troll this post + its very important to me.

Thanks for serious repplies!
Best Regard!

Firstly … you don’t need to buy it anymore. Unreal Engine is FREE except for the 5% royalty due on commercial products. Check the Unreal FAQ for more information.

Archviz tutorials is probably what you are looking for. A quick Google search turned up some results:

I personally would start with the basics of the engine. Therefore take a look at the official youtube tutorials + documentation :slight_smile:

After that start with a small project -> learning by doing :smiley: