Is this good graphic card for ue4?

hi this is my graphic card
can i use ue4 with this graphic card ??

please help me :frowning:

Not good enough to do medium size+ project but it will be enough to run UE4 and get familiar with it and do small scale stuff with it.

It is also a matter of your CPU and RAM though.

You can definitely start a project with the current setup you have.

I don’t know if you are on your own or part of a full team, but my advice to you (especially if you’re alone or in a very small team) would be to start working on what you want and don’t let the hardware stop you. If you get to a point where your hardware is not enough for your game, then you’re in a “good spot”. Your game will have come a long way and at that point you will be able to pinpoint what part of your hardware setup is falling behind.


But it’s worth mentioning that it’s unlikely that someone would finish a full project with the current laptop.

Someone could probably do full school project or other smaller project, but the computer will have a hard time at some point.

i want to upgrade my ram to 8 gig and my cpu is ci7 is this bad ??
is graphic card very bad ?? can i make game like modern combat 4 or asphalt ?? i want to create mobile game only

Hi Orache,

We recommend upgrading to at least an or an equivalent AMD card. While it may run on the card you have, it is definitely under-spec and will probably have problems consistently running the editor.