Is this good enough for UE4?

Hi all. First poster here. Am looking at buying a PC to start building in UE4. I am hoping to spend around €700 on it. Have found this one, and am wondering if the specs are good enough for game development. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place:

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G CPU with Wraith Cooler, AM4, 3.6GHz, Quadcore

32GB DDR4 2400MHz Memory

1TB Sata Hard drive 7200rpm

**Gigabyte GA-A320M-HD2 AMD Socket AM4 Ryzen Micro ATX DDR4 **

AMD VEGA 11 Graphics card

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated

I prefer Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs. Anyway the Vega 11 integrated GPU in the Ryzen 5 2400G is not fast enough if you want to at least achieve sustained 120fps+ at 1080p (and you should want that or more to avoid getting crazy with the editor slowing down if you need to have many objects/actors on a level along with all kind of effects and animations), really. You might want to buy a Nvidia GTX 1060, you can get one used around 100 Euros nowadays. Also a SSD like Sandisk 480GB for boot and the 2TB SATA hard drive instead of just 1TB would be needed upgrades to that config as well.

Thanks for the quick response. Looking at other options, would an i7-3770 or an i5-2400 with the GTX 1060 be suitable?

If you are looking to get a used older generation CPU then you might want to not go below a 4th generation socket 1150 or a socket 2011 config. Socket 2011 has a lot more bandwidth with quad-channel support memory wise.
For 4th generation 1150 Intel CPUs other than the Core i7 you could easily get Xeon E3 Quad-Core 1150 that are supported on Q87,Z87,H87,H97,Z97 chipset motherboards. A Xeon E3-1270v3 is a good bargain if you can get it a fair price ($100 to $150 I’d say) which is the same as a i7-4770 without the integrated GPU and a bit better actually by being a Xeon with some additional features although on consumer chipset motherboards can’t be used like ECC RAM support. For more than 16GB RAM support you would need a Q87,Z87 or Z97 motherboard, the H87 and H97 are limited to 16GB. Also check that the manufacturer of the motherboard you get released an updated BIOS … the last updates for some of those motherboards are dated 2018 with a lot of bugfixes and both CPU microcode as well as MEI updates.
But you need to check what prices you can get on the used items needed to build up a system. And on used items you would have no warranty if you can’t find anything old stock.
It is a bargain only if you end up paying less than a new generation system obviously.
Used Xeon E5 CPUs for socket 2011 and 2011-3 motherboards can be bought at really cheap prices. The hard thing is getting motherboards at a cheap price too but you might get lucky and find a good auction.

Anyway if you would still want to get that AMD system just add a Nvidia GTX 1060 along with a SSD for boot and it would be enough.

Hey you are saying that Apu can’t get 120 fps at 1080p but how much Vegas 11 can get fps in ue4!

visible confusion

Well, I once tried running Unreal Engine on macbook pro, 13 inch, Intel lris Plus Graphics. I mean if you have passion you can do it, but it’s so painful that after a couple of times you just give up and realise - I need a new pc.

Vegas 11 is a piece of software… I am assuming Sony Vegas.

I was thinking about Radeon Rx Vega.

Fair enough. What up with the 11 then:

Vegas 11

Some kind of secret handshake kind of thing?

Vega 11 is the highest end version of ryzen integrated graphics. He spelled it incorrectly.

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Pff. Thank you for clarifying my very visible confusion. Feel pretty dense for not connecting the dots. Oh well, I’ll take my coat.

Anyhow. Silly question. How much fps you can squeeze depends on what you put in the game and how well you optimise it.

“Is 20 a lot?” kind of question. Meh.