Is This Even Possible?????

Is this type of gameplay even possible to achieve? so, can someone reply here or PM me some direction. Or just give me your personal yes, or no.


I mean, mortal combat x is made in unreal 4 so i’m going to go with yes

Anything is possible, especially with unreal engine.

I have a game where you can enter a spaceship, drive it, exit it, enter a hovercar, switch from third person game to top down shooter to first person. I’d say at this point, I am 100% convinced anything is possible in this engine.

You have a lot of learning to go before getting to something like that video. But hang in there and you will achieve it. Also consider teaming up with others on small projects to learn how they do stuff as well.

It’s made with UE3, and that was pre rendered

It just confuses me on how exactly are you going to let the camera know the actions of the player will cause a zoom, or a slow motion type of thing.

your confusion is lack of knowledge basically.
if you know the action of the player, so u can simply tell the camera what to do. what?

No, the way that my combat functions in my game, is through means of Switch on INT, in the character’s perspective blueprint. I cannot call the Camera from the level, into the Character’s blueprint. The camera is not connect to the character, it is simply stationary, and moves between the two characters. So my problem, seems to be my limitations. So…

search and you shall find, my friend.

in my game(s)… I use 2 camera setups, 1 in the level and 1 in the character. The character camera, usually, follows the character as it is attached to a spring arm attached to his mesh. The LEVEL camera moves depending on the position of 2 players in the level. Take a look at this tutorial , after completing it you will have a camera that follows 2 players. You can put mulitple cameras in the level as well and use a blend view for each camera(blend view target makes it so you go from 1 camera to the next), in the order you wish, so that you can switch from 1 camera angle to another, hollywood style. You can also do other things to drive the level camera, but first things first:

The reason I use 2 cameras is if there is only 1 player I use his camera (so the player has more control over the camera position relative to him, but if there are 2 players I can’t have full 3d motion of the camera or else 1 of the players will get lost in the motion…

I also always recommend doing the Twin Stick Shooter Tutorial by UE4 as they go through a Lot of things, and most likely you will LEARN so much from it.

I’m sure there are plenty of fighting 2D games tutorials on the internet.

“Is this even possible?” -> when dealing with game engine like Unreal 4 or Unity you can basically do anything you want within the technical limitation of your engine.

And you can often break these limitations by changing source code of said engines. But this needs a higher level of experience.

To give you examples I know about technical limitation: displaying items with different field of view in the same time, generating infinite world & moving world origin, having high performance RTS unit AI, solid prefab workflow, multiplayer level streaming, multi level occlusion culling. These can or cannot be game breaker, but you often take care of that when choosing your game engine.

You can abuse of Event Dispatchers, for example…