Is This Efficient: Dynamic Jump Climb System

Hello again! I’m working on a dynamic jump/climb system now. I’m blowing my head up trying to figure this out but I’m off to a good start… I think.

I’m looking for feedback early on, wondering if this the only way and/or if it’s the most efficient way to go about starting this off. I actually plotted out the logic on paper first :rolleyes:

Currently I have the players movement type affecting what they can climb over and how they will do it.

Vaulting=Quick Climbing=Slower (haven’t gotten here yet, not sure if it’s directly tied to animation but I haven’t gotten into that yet)

This is all working:

  • Walking at a 3 foot wall means jumping over it, Sprinting/TacSprinting will result in a vault.
  • Walking/Sprinting at a 4 foot wall means climbing, TacSprinting will result in a vault.
  • Anything over 4 Feet will require a climb.

What I will be trying to add is:

  • A wall with less then a depth of 18 inches will result in the player ending up on the other side if they vault. Other wise they will end up perched in a crouched position.
  • Mid-Air can result in a ledge grab that leads to climbing into a crouched position.

Updated the Pre-Climb Checks and Vault or Climb Logic. I think have this area nailed down.

It now looks for forward movement before exciting a climb and I reigned in some of the number what type of climb they trigger.

I now have all the pre-climb logic and climb logic in place that determines the end location.

Now I need to figure out how to set the player to the proper stance at the end of the climb.

Does anyone see anything I can do more efficiently? The Macros deal w/where the traces begin and end.