Is this device suitable for Android Testing with UE4

It seems powerful enough, but really have no experience with Android. Its very cheap also… But is it any good for testing 3D games on android?


On the gpu side, I believe the Mali 400 MP2 is just beyond the iPhone 4S. Cpu is kinda weak on the single thread side of things, but as long as you’re not pushing things like physics too heavily, it should suffice. The RAM will be your primary limiting factor here though. 512 MB is tight just for os and browser, let alone a modern game engine.

Mine advice is to look for something with ES 3.1 support.

Thanks a million for your thoughts guys!

Do you think this would be better?,c1/tablet,c5/archive,c98/insignia-700-pro,a432.html#specification

As you can probably understand I am in a very low budget

Hi romfeo,

Here is the list of currently supported Android devices for use with UE4. It is by no means comprehensive, but you can get a feel for how specific devices upon which you wish to test your project will perform by comparing the GPUs for the devices we test, and the listed results. This is the public facing wiki, so feel free to follow the format and post your own results. Thanks very much!