Is this considered lens distortion?

Hello everyone,

So I am VERY new to Unreal, and currently in the process of learning. I am working on a little animation in order to familiarize myself with the application and ran into a bit of an issue ( I’m pretty sure that its something simple that I’m missing).

I have a logo that was created in C4D, with dead-on frontal camera view. For some reason when I open the file in UE4, the perspective is off on parts of the logo, which as extrusions. Camera rotation in X and Y are set to 0, Z as -90.

Here is a screengrab for clarity


Is this considered lens distortion, and if so - what is the best method for resolving this?

Thank you for your time.

Could be anything. From a rotated mesh to bad camera settings to perspective view instead of orthograpic view…

Any suggestions on a fix?

In your case. It just looks like the mesh and camera aren’t centered and squared up.

Check everything and manually move the camera in the viewport/ configure it to 55mm or similar.

Barrel and Pincushion are lense artifacts - as such changing the camera will produce different results.
Doesn’t work 100% like real cameras, but it is rather similar.
Regardless. Very much doubt that’s your issue.

Could be light angle being different too. Shadows would play a lot with those edge colors.

Thank you MostHost_LA,

Apologies for the late reply. I was able to mess around with the camera setting in Unreal and got it to look almost exactly as intended.

I definitely need to do some tutorials on working with cameras, all a part to the learning process I guess.

Thanks again for your help. Have a wonderful weekend.