Is this build good enough for UE?


I’m currently considering getting a new PC for various digital work and because I am curious to start using Unreal Engine.

At the moment this is roughly the build I have in mind: https://www.ankermann./en/PC-Systems-Laptops/Gaming/FX-ULTRA-X4-860-GTX-750Ti-8GB-1TB-W7Pro~~51774.html?config&theme¤cy=GBP&c=115488faa9df1e159eb4e7b23a8c1c6f

I know it could be better but I am also on a budget. Are there any things in particular I should aim on changing?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Yeah that will run Unreal Engine fine. I actually have almost those exact same specs and I can run multiple projects and test multiplayer features. You definitely want a desktop just because airflow is an issue with laptops. I’m just now considering upgrading to 16gb of ram but It’s not too necessary yet.

I’ll tell you this I have a 2.8 ghz i7 8gig 1tb with nvidia 750m and it runs decently. Laptops will always be at a disadvantage but they are not a bad way to go. My next purchase will be a desktop though. Laptops are good for conception and editing but I wouldn’t try to build the next AAA game on it.

Oh really? Is your processor AMD or Intel? Thats my main concern. I’ve always heard Intel was really the way to go but the price difference is a drawback…