Is this build enough to run UE4 smoothly?

Hello, friends.

I’m doing nature assets in Blender and wanted to build a realistic looking forest in UE4 with them at a scale comparable to The Forest.

Is this feasible with my current build?

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3
GPU: Sapphire R9 390

Since my old screen died a few days ago, i bought a new 27" BenQ GL2760H. Would you recommend a second one?
And what about an SSD for UE4?

Merry Christmas,

It is not a bad machine, but your main concern is the amount of times you will render (cpu or gpu) with blender or if you will build lights inside unreal (using cpu), so the more cores you can do this faster and you got max 8 threads for this. The amount of RAM is fine! The card you got I do recommend it, because if you have it and your scene has good performance, it certainly will work best on better hardware, so the GPU you can consider a bare minimum (wish I still have one for the testing purpose).

2nd monitor is a hard one, some prefer while others don’t, again all depends on the desktop space you have, but a second monitor will also demand more on your graphics card.

SSD is really important, even more to keep the projects that will load faster even with a SATA SSD and works on every hardware which has SATA III connection, but if your hardware supports and you can afford a NVMe x2 or x4 you will rock. Depending on the size for your project a 480GB SSD is enough and you can have a hard disk for moving the projects you are not going to deal and they are still great for backup purposes.

Any ssd is better than a mechanical drive. It’s really important especially if working with C++ (the compile and load times were driving me crazy before). Two monitors will definitely improve your workflow. I want to add a third just to keep the content browser on.

How is that build bad? You should be fine also a 2nd monitor will take some of that horsepower away that you can use for development.