Is this Bug? custom event?

I’m trying to test about custom event with casting anim.

you can see picture i attached, G key is working well.
but custom event (J key) from level blueprint doesn’t working.
(but print string function is working well.only casting anim function doesn’t working.)

Is this bug? it must be working well in theory.
I don’t know why it doens’t working with custom event.
thx for read my thread.


Follow some tuts about blueprint communication, and do research about references and pointers (not sure if there is actual tutorial explaining all the pointers in blueprints).

Thanks for reply, Nawrot.
I tried with Custom event other ways.
HOTQUE1 Custom event and G Key works well to print string function like this.

1.HOTQUE1 -> 2.Cast to Anim_Flor -> 3.Press value -> 4.Print String
2,3 process doesn’t working 4 process working well.

1.G key-> 2.Cast to Anim_Flor -> 3.Press value -> 4.Print String
All process working perfectly.

Why this doesn’t not working 2,3 process with Custom Event. :eek:

It does seem odd that only some things work in the custom event.
To get a clearer picture we could do with where/how the custom event is being triggered