Is this better than Euphoria/Endorphin?

Hey, everyone! I’ve had this question in mind for a while now. Is the physics engine in Unreal Engine 4 better than Euphoria/Endorphin? I got this question after watching this: Active Ragdoll in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube . The physics look life-like (not behaviours though), and I’m wondering if it’s better than Euphoria or Endorphin. So, is PhysX better? Any help would be much appreciated, have a great day and adios!

No, Euphoria is much more advanced than that

Unreal has some pretty advanced physics. It’s completely integrated with PhysX and some of the modules are insane.

Fill a street with water, destructible cloth physics, advanced particle simulation, advanced multi-orbit realtime physics

multiple different gravitational physics modes (Keplerian, kinematic, blend).

UE4 can handle thousands of projectiles and physics calculations fairly easily because of how well it’s integrated with Nvidia (sorry AMD).

Well, still looks cool. Are there any Euphoria plugins for UE4? (Just asking. May use for a future project.)

Well, sounds great.

Speaking of Physics egnines and UE4, i loved the DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) engine used in Force Unleased, the phyics thingy that made assets get bent or destroyed according to the Material that was assigned to it.
So if you applied enough force a Steel door would bend accordingly, and you could just continue bending it if you wanted to.

I dont think i realy saw this tool used in any other games then Force Unleased and in the Tech Demo for the Indiana Jones game that never came out. But it was the most impressive thing in Force Unleashed.

Well, that sounds cool. Although never heard of it or played it… still, cool.

Here is three videoes showing it off, it shows how the metal girders of the Traintracks bends when hit and breaks when the bending gets to hard, and the wood splinters like wood does in reallife

And here is pretty low quality video, but again it show how the wood in the house cracks and acts like real wood:DMM cliff house destruction - YouTube
And the last one, it shows how the metal bars on a crib reacts to presure:
DMM Physics - YouTube

Never seen this engine get any use in newer games, so i guess theres better sollutions or realistic breakable stuff arent that important.

You have to license it, which would likely be quite expensive

The big deal about DMM was that it was fully dynamic, where it could break apart objects uniquely without having to fracture them beforehand. The problem though, is that it doesn’t really matter, most people can’t tell the difference and for the few cases that they needed it in The Force Unleashed they could have coded a unique feature for that specific case much more quickly than the amount of time it took to develop DMM.