Is this baked lighting?Ps2 era

Ive been watching this ps2 game Forbidden Siren 2 and as the player moves everything in a limited distance gets visible.

As im looking it,the map is pitch black and maybe a low intensity ambient light is in use.Than the player maybe has a attached light to him so that he can have a circle visible area?

But in this video, starts at 16:29, as the character moves,on her right a big lamp/light will be revealed.It does cast some light on the ground,but when the charater is below the light,i dont see her being lit.So is the entire map baked lighted but with no shadows?Or are the lights turned off and when the player approach them they slowly start to turn on based on the distance from the player?

Or the whole level doesnt cast any shadow and is difuse lit only texture?…P2ngWTw#t=0.84