Is this aloud for using blender

I was thinking about creating some assets from LOTR, to be used in recreate photo realism a newer version of Skyrim using UE4, using blender to create Minas Tirith, Rivendale the mines of moria, so replace Windhelm with Minas Tirith, replace Riverwood with Rivendale, the parth upto the Graybeards you have to travel through the full size movie quality the mines of moria, now i have thought of a much better quality Riften, replace that horrible looking Riften with that Lake town that one out of that 2nd hobit movie Desolation of smaug, also Minas Tirith has 7000 NPCs 3,000 of them could be Stormcloack Soldiers, create a more improved Alduin remodel exact looking Smaug the dragon be a lot tougher to kill then Alduin need a bow with a 2 billion damage percent enchantment 200 arrows, for Roricstead, replace it with Rohan, oh every time i play Skyrim SE on PlayStation 4 orcs makes me want to hurl, replace them from the bold gorilla looking orcs with the ones from LOTR they are what you call orcs, also Skyrim SE the pirate ships don’t look like ships to me reminded me of floating coffins replace them with real looking pirate ships from pirates of the Carrabien or photo scanned Cuttysarks 60 gun ships Manawars, spiders replace Skyrims ugly spiders with photo realism photo scanned Sydney funnel Web spiders and limit no bigger then 20", i worked out a better college of winterhold replace with full size Hogwarts from Harry potter movies with changing starcases, also replace Skyrims saliva water with real Unreal engine 4 water and create real life like surfing waves plunging, surging and spilling waves, with real white water, i watched how waves break down at the beach when wave starts to break their Is a 1 to 2 meter long white water and as wave travels to beach over 20 meters the foam white water created by wave gets longer, then white water drops off and reforms into another wave goes though 3 to 5 cycles until reaches shaw and ocean goes up beach then receads back out until next wave reaches shaw, look at Tsunamis water gets sucked out until it hits land, with big monstrous 20 to 40ft surf waves breaks up to half a mile out face of waves are more of a dark color face unless sunlight shines on waves along wave center half way up, with 30 ft waves when wave breaks its reminded me of a water full creates huge explosion of white water when wave curling over white water getting longer until closing out, sometimes waves break in upto 2 to three places at random along a 100 meter long wave, as waves break and travel to beach it leave a pattern of white foam in a shape of a triangular shape, so when wave starts break leaves short top of triangle as wave travel to beach that foam left behind gets longer until wave reforms look from air white foam left behind looks similar to a triangle, i been in life saving a long time ago sometimes glassy flat boats leaves wake, choppy conditions, then stormy conditions, waves also created distance wind travels, how strong wind and how long wind blows for an direction of wind waves travel to shaw not from land, i play assassin creed black flag someone program a massive wave coming from land, it wasnt EPIC they are more intelligent then that.

Are you asking if you legally can use Blender to recreate Skyrim in UE4? You can use Blender for pretty much anything you want - but creating a game based on Skyrim and LOTR means you either need to create something “inspired” by these properties (instead of “based on”/“derived from” them) or you need to license them from their copyright/trademark holders.Using Blender or UE4 has no effect onthis.

what do you mean you need to license them from their copyright trademark.

What she says is that using blender and unreal 4 is free to use. But you can’t just copy another game unless you only do it for yourself and don’t sell it or give it to anybody else.


I would give it a different name i was thinking about, instead using name of Skyrim use a different title like, Mordors elder scrolls, look on earth using a place called New Zealand, because of the type of mountain ranges, pick certain areas around new Zealand looks similar to Tamriel and download maps, change the map of Skyrim so it would be a very different looking landscape of Skyrim, i looked at mountain ranges of Skyrim while playing from Solitude to Gray beards there is only 1 line of mountains with New Zealand the Himalayan mountains their are rows and rows of mega mountains, i would increase distance 5 to 10 X across Skyrim massive oceans also include Giant pacific Octopus, Giant squid.

You can’t use any designs either.

Also, clearly you don’t know what you’re doing, if you really want to make something, start out small and work on developing your skills. What you want to do is not a reasonable goal.