Is this a UE5 bug? - iOS SDK is not installed properly.

OS: Windows 11 (Latest Updates)
GPU: 3080

Hi, I’m having this problem with the iOS SDK with Unreal Engine on Windows 11.
I’ve looked online and cannot find a answer anywhere. I’m wondering if anyone here could help me. You would certainly cure my headache.

As you can see i have SDK version 1497.1.14.1 installed but the allowed versions are 1100 - 1399.0 im honestly unsure on how to downgrade?

If i click continue this is in output log:

Any answers pls? it is greatly appreciated.

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I’ve been having the exact same issues. I have no idea how to downgrade the iOS SDK on Windows. Is the max SDK going to be fixed for 5.1?

The only way i think is to package on a mac its a really annoying bug

The “iOS SDK” version check that it’s doing on Windows is against the current iTunes version you have installed. This has been fixed in the upcoming UE5.1 release. For 5.0.3, you need to downgrade the installed iTunes to iTunes12.



I work on a mac and what worked for me was to uninstall Xcode 14 and re-install Xcode 13.

I managed to find a way: the version Apple has for older Windows systems (iTunes 12.10.11) has an SDK that works.

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