is this a proficient layout for Aiming?

I am fairly knew to blue prints and was doing the google thing and could not find any good information that fitted my character for aiming, so i have a third person character and trying to get him to aim and shoot where ever the cross hair is, so after playing around with the BP i got it working the character can shoot and aim up and down and side to side, but sometimes my character jumps randomly when he shoots?!?!? so is this a good lay out? or should i change a few things?

Your character might be jumping randomly because of the spawned projectile. if they overlap when spawned something will get shunted. Heres an example using a line trace and a spawned box with physics.


As far as the layout, if it works then it works. theres usually multiple ways to tackle the same mechanic. in my example I use the cameras position and forward vector to define a trajectory for a line trace. you could always use the resulting hit location of a trace like that to draw a line (destination - starting position) to get an aim direction for your gun as well.

The easy way to test if its your controls or if its the projectile spawning is to set up a new actor in the the scene to simply spawn the projectiles and walk into the spawner, like this. My gut says its the projectiles. My projectile was set to default projectile collision, while the visual sphere used to locate the spawner was set to no collisions.

look for this shunting effect when your overlapping the spawn point of the projectiles.


does make sense why he would jump, but i do not have collision on my bullets so they go through the map at the moment. so sometimes when he shoots up while moving the character goes flying and when he shoots down while moving he keeps jerking forward every time? but shooting straight no issue. and these issues happen when he moving, while standing those issues do not happen.

here is a video of it

So after playing with the nodes and got no where, i looked at the StaticMesh of my bullet and the collision preset was “BlockAll” changed to “NoCollision” and changed “Can Character Step Up on” to no the issue seemed to go away.

Awesome! glad to hear. figured it was a collision issue.

As a last note, you probably don’t want to use noCollision. as it wont generate any overlap events, thus preventing you from dealing damage potentially. you will probably want to leave it at OverlapAllDynamic or tweak it for specific channels.