is this a good start for making a rocky hill?

I have added rocks rocks to the hill and rotated them, is this a good way to make a realistic hill… here is well… my progress…so far

I would recommend you to create “cliff meshes” -> in Skyrim the hills were made with them

e.g With this one you can create pretty good hills -> just place them above each other (of course with rotation and scale variation)

thank you. that is amazing. by the way were did you learn to create this? its perfect.

:stuck_out_tongue: The 3d artist of my team created it -> the mesh is really good (especially the low tri count ^^) but the shader has to be improved (looks pretty bad atm)

well your 3d artist is very good. and good look with your shader problem. and thank you again for your help, I will now create a mesh.

When you create environmental stuff I would recommend you to take a look at skyrim, because there you find very cool techniques and references :slight_smile:

Skyri tutorials for environmental stuff, do you maybe happen to know of any tutorials on youtube for this, as searching skyrim UE4 tutorials varies.

I think there aren’t any tutorials about that on youtube -> I normally just walk around in the game and take a look at the meshes: Beautiful Skyrim World - YouTube

If you have Skyrim on pc you can extract the models with a .bsa unpacker and nifskope. Like fighter said, Skyrim uses cliff meshes to make the rocky hills, they also only have 2 tiling rock textures that they reuse on all the rocks. So the rocks aren’t unique, no unique textures at all (not even normal maps)

But it still looks really awesome :smiley: