Is this a good Gaming PC Build?

I am building a Gaming PC but want to use it for other things as well, such as:

Console Emulation (Uses a lot of CPU)
Video Editing
Game Development

I chose high ram cause there are some games I like to play that use tons of ram (Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers, StarMade etc) also as you know, building lighting for large scenes uses lots of ram depending on the scenes complexity and size.

My GTX 765m seems to handle all that stuff ok (most of the time) but I need a powerful desktop. I built one on PC Part Picker that I think is pretty good for what I need it for but I would like other opinions. Gaming comes first and foremost, Game development is pretty much tied with that, video editing I could take it or leave it, I dont do it anywhere near as often as the other two.

I’m willing to spend up to $3500 if necessary but I think what I have will suffice. What do you think?

CPU - perfect
MB - unnecessary expensive, go with 150$ max, more wont benefit you.
CPU cooler - most unnecessary thing ever (more loud then AIR, not more cool as any noctua cooler)
RAM - good
GPU - unnecessary expensive. Buy a cheap used 980ti for 300$ and wait for the next generations
PSU - you wont ever need more then 500W. Invest in quality, not numbers.
CASE - perfect
STORAGE - go with WD Reds

You miss a SSD for games/development. 1TB models became quite cheap … 200$ less or more.

And for the $ you saved with this, you gonna buy 1 or 2 proper 32" 1440p 144Hz monitors.